Sunday, June 22, 2014

Working Or Not Working !

Yesterday i was travelling in bus, there were 2 ladies discussing their lives one working & one housewife.. Waise to kiski baatein sunni nahi chaiye but if someone talks loudly i can't keep my ears closed ..right ;)

Anyways that's not important.. what made me interested in that conversation was the housewife said to working lady that you are lucky you don't have to work ...

Are you kidding meh??????I hope she understands the meaning of Working Women.. by the way.. i have met many people with a mindset like this .. they strongly feel working women do not work ... shocked ..right !!!

Here starts the conversation -

Housewife      - You are lucky to have a place other than home to be yourself.. 
Working Lady - Yes true ( at that time i felt like saying -the place where an employee's every minute is planned ... where they are supposed to be a Robot .. are you talking about that ?????)

Housewife - Sometimes i even feel bad about you & specially about your husband, my husband loves my dishes.. i am sure you guys must have hired cook na? as you both are working ? 
Working Lady - Yes we do have cook, but i manage to cook one time.. ( my reaction - are you kidding me again.. even my husband gets food everyday, i don't cook but we have also hired cook ..come on... grow up.. i understand any husband would be happy to see his wife cooking special dishes for him.. but he becomes happier when his wife gets her salary ;)  try that too..)

Housewife -  How do you manage home? Bed sheets, Pardas , kitchen, food.. do you clean your kitchen everyday? and what about your bed sheet ? do you wash them every week?

Honestly , if i would have been at that working lady's place i would have ask her to shut her mouth.. why to answer such questions.. after all is she coming to clean all that she wants to know about?

Answer came from Working lady - No yaar i don't get that much time, but every week i try to clean my home as much as possible..

I tell you.. it was very difficult for me to keep my mouth shut.. 

I completely respect every housewife who manage every thing at home , who cares for family & devote herself for others...

BUT.. working women do not sit & enjoy at office.. even they support their family emotionally, physically & financially too.. And its not about you are working or not.. and keeping your house clean or not.. its about your choice.. what you feel you are born to do. 

I am also working , that doesn't mean my house looks like a messed place ..i manage to keep things at there place & spend time to clean them every weekend. With that i plan my day at work by making every day productive & learn everyday.

Really, i believe a women has all the rights to live her life the way she wants. Please do no judge her, without knowing that fact. Just like you have chosen to support you family by staying at home others chose to go out for work to support them.

Please do not ask a working women about her kitchen selves , bed sheets, pardas, maids.. you never know what extra efforts she is putting to keep everything at its place.

I felt that lady who was housewife was trying to pretend that she does so much for her family.. give me a break.. the ladies who chose to work or go for a job are also giving their best for families. I felt like going & asking that housewife - do you have a FB account? or what's your email id ? or do you know how to work on excel ? do you work on targets? have you prepared any presentation? how do you plan your day?

Sorry.. but we never do that right... we change our mobiles , laptops , watches, jewelries as per market then why not our thinking??  Please live & let others live the way they want. High time to break such mindset & set some wonderful examples of handling home & work in best possible way ..:)

At the end , just wanna say.. we have no right to judge any one.. wrote this to make every one understand its nothing like working or not working .. as long as a women who loves you makes you smile everyday is happy with her life too.. Respect their choices & support them. 


  1. Very well written nitika...plz keep writing such inspirational blogs....wuld love to read it anytime......werver i am in this world....Gob Bless u

  2. Love you girl.. people like you inspire me to continue this.. god bless us all.. :) muah